Our Prime Objective / Aims is to

digital-strategy-servicepage Discover and understand the ability, potential and Weaknesses of the individual candidates and helps him realize the same.

Create adequate awareness about the UPSC Exam amongst candidates through proper, focused and reliable guidance so that their attempts get converted into a success.

✍ Help candidates in selecting their optional subjects according to their academic background, personal attitude and chances of securing higher marks in the examination and selecting authentic and reliable books too for general studies from plethora of books in the market, to successfully clear the examination.

✍ Develop and inculcate a scientific temper and ability/skill into the candidates to analyze and comprehend the subject matter and write: a concise, precise, comprehensive, effective and impressive essays on important topics including different subjects and answers in general studies to fetch out higher marks.

✍ Transform the candidates into a dynamic and charismatic personality, agent of change, to display the possession of an amicable, cheerful and optimistic outlook towards life and society.